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Utility Services

Benefit from our Utility Services.

Plans are presented as AutoCAD drawings and plots. We can contact the statutory bodies to establish which drainage and utility services impact on your project.

We carry out field verification, detection and mark-up of these services as well as any others located on site. It is advisable to record the position of these services so they can be re-located during the project. Its no use knowing that the drain is 2m from the building corner if the building is about to be demolished and no other reference points exist. Without a survey record, it would be necessary to carry out the verification and detection again. The Health & Safety risk reduction benefits of carrying out a thorough underground utility survey are widely accepted. But also consider the risk of delay if a previously un-identified service is discovered running across your site?

By carrying out an underground utility survey you can target your excavations better. Digging less is the best way to minimize the impact of the NRSWA, the impending TMA legislation and the escalating cost of mixed-source landfill disposal.

All our work is backed up by Professional Indemnity insurance and we operate under the rules and regulations of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Based in Manchester, we carry out projects throughout the UK.

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