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National Grid Coordinates

N D Oliver & Co Ltd, Chartered Land Surveyors, are experts in the collection, organisation, presentation and delivery of spatial data. The quality of our survey data presentation is a key factor in explaining why over 80% of our work is repeat business. Our clients get what they need and they keep coming back for more.

Increasingly, clients are requesting that their survey is based on National Grid Coordinates with OS Benchmark related levels.

You may need this for

» tying in your survey to OS background mapping
» flood risk assessment surveys
» planning applications
» lease and title plans
» right to light surveys
» visual impact surveys
» as-built records
» utility surveys and records
» topographic site surveys
» visualisation surveys, photo verification
» other specific requests

The deliverables have subtle differences that can and do cause problems for the ill informed. We always prefer to discuss with clients, which deliverable suits best their intended use of the survey. You may in fact need both, no problem.

» a Local Plane Grid based on National Grid coordinates
not reduced to sea-level scale factor removed

» true National Grid coordinates
reduced to sea-level containing scale factor

We use real-time, networked, post-processed GPS and Reflectorless Total Stations. Below is some of the alternative terminology you may encounter:

» National grid coordinates
» OS grid
» OSGB36
» Map coordinates
» Ordnance Survey coordinates
» OS Easting and Northing » OS level
» OS Benchmark
» Levels related to Newlyn
» National Benchmark
» OSGB36 Level
» OS heights

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