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Floor Plans

N D Oliver & Co Ltd, Chartered Land Surveyors, are experts in the collection, organisation, presentation and delivery of spatial data. Over 80% of our work is repeat business. Our clients trust us to provide them with what they need.

Floor plans are presented as AutoCAD drawings and plots. You may not require a full measured building survey service from us. Bearing in mind the purpose of the survey, consider some of these options:

» Individual rooms not related to each other - often used for asset data collection where the deliverable may be a database rather than a drawing.
» Rooms related to each other on the same floor - typically an office/retail refurbishment. Analogous to 2D jigsaw.
» Floors related to each other - a major building refurbishment for example. A 3D Jigsaw
» "Building outline-only" drawings can be provided for you to fill the gaps. The edge pieces of the jigsaw put together for you to complete.
» Building elevation/facade surveys are done on many projects. Along with traditional techniques the use of laser-scanning provides a rapid and cost-effective record.
» NIA and GIA drawings and calculations, Lease Plan production and Right to Light surveys are increasingly important to our customers.
» 3D visualisation and verification surveys related to OS National Grid are also being commissioned by our clients.

All our work is backed by Professional Indemnity insurance and we operate under the rules and regulations of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Based in Manchester, we carry out projects throughout the UK.

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