3D Laser Scanning Specialists, Experts in Topographical,
Measured Building, Area & Lease Surveys, Monitoring &
Deformation and much more

Consulting Engineers

Consultants benefit from the surveying services and products we provide. We are experts in the collection, organisation, presentation and delivery of spatial data.

Our main deliverable is the AutoCAD drawing, either as a hard copy, CD, email attachment or direct to your preferred web site. Other formats are available, including PDF and Mx (Moss). Our CAD Manager has over 20 years experience in producing drawings for Consultants. View samples of our work.

A well specified, executed and presented survey brings you many benefits. It allows you to:

» work with confidence
accurately knowing the shape, size and levels of your site or building» reduce the risk of delays in your project
knowing where underground utilities are before designing» understand and explain graphically to your clients and colleagues as well as to planners what you propose

We can assist you at many stages of your project:

site services
topographical surveys, contours, volumes river and floodplain surveys to EA specification

measured building services
floor plans, elevations deformation monitoring laser scanning

utility services 
asset data collection underground drainage and utility tracing

legal services
boundary resolution right to light surveys lease and title plans

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