3D Laser Scanning Specialists, Experts in Topographical,
Measured Building, Area & Lease Surveys, Monitoring &
Deformation and much more

Construction & Civil Engineers

Constructors and Civil Engineers benefit from the surveying and setting out services we provide. We are experts in the collection, organisation, presentation and delivery of spatial data. All our field staff have CSCS cardsIn addition some have Passport to Safety cards.

We can assist you at many stages of your project. When you use our services you can:

» work with confidence
knowing that you are building in the right place knowing that we are covered by Professional Indemnity insurance» reduce the risk of delays in your project
knowing where underground utilities are before starting on site by recording variations in muckshifts» understand and explain graphically to your clients and colleagues what is proposed

We can assist you with:

site services
site control and setting out topographical surveys, contours, ground models, sections, volume computation and comparison monitoring and deformation surveys

utility services 
drainage surveys underground drainage and utility tracing and markup asset data collection

Our main deliverable is the AutoCAD drawing, though other formats are available, including PDF and MX (Moss). View samples of our work.

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