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Boundary Resolution

N D Oliver & Co Ltd, Chartered Land Surveyors, are experts in the collection, organisation, presentation and delivery of spatial data.  The quality of our data presentation is a key factor in explaining why over 80% of our work is repeat business. Our clients get what they need and they keep coming back for more.

There are three elements to a successful Boundary Resolution:

» the relationship between all the people involved, the neighbours, surveyors and lawyers
» the evidence on the ground, its recording and interpretation
» the legal aspect

We survey features on the ground and alongside other evidence, primarily the Deed Plan and Deed documents we are able (sometimes unable) to make a professional judgement as to where the boundary should be. We operate as independent expert witnesses should things end up in court. We can also set out on the ground an agreed boundary or one that has been decided by the courts. This is a particularly useful service for fencing contractors.

View samples of our Boundary Resolutions, and also visit the useful Land Registry and RICS web sites.


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